The WBC got robocop to sing their p!atd parody. So sick.

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Anonymous: Any advice on how to grow a beard? I have spotted some pretty handsome beards in the band and want to know your secret ways


beards are gross. i think you grow them by not caring about yrself anymore. eat wendy’s breakfest for a month and you will probably end up with a beard.
- derrick


"Afterburner" - Boris

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Marvin Gaye | Distant Lover


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vessel-for-disaccharides: Hey if you're throwing that Arcade Fire vinyl away, can I have it? I collect vinyl & would really appreciate that one instead of dropping $25 on it (especially since it's really not worth that at all). Also, I love your blog & the tunes you post.

Ah dude the trash guy came this morning :-(


Xiu Xiu - Dear God, I Hate Myself

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Music review #2

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